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Bathroom Spy Camera

What is a Bathroom Spy Camera(Bathroom Hidden Camera, Bathroom Camera DVR, Toilet Hidden Camera, Shower Spy Camera)?

Bathroom Spy Camera is a device which allows like everything what in the bathroom, as a bottle of shampoo、soap box、toothbrush、shaving cream、hydronium air purifier、shower radio、Shaver、Toilet Brush、Mirror、Tissue Box、Desk Lamp、trash box and so on. but under the ordinary appearance, it is a professional bathroom spy camera. Resolution up to 1980x1080, the 32GB memory card and upto 3500mAH large capacity battery inside support it work for a long time, about 14 hours. The lens of the camera is tiny and the position is very secret, When the spy camera is working , there is no noice and the indication light of the camera is compeletely off. It can help you record something important secretly. You can put it in the bathroom、bedroom 、toilet or any other places where you want to have a shooting.

How does a Bathroom Spy Camera work?

It’s convenient and the operation is quite easy. You can control the camera's working through the remote control unit in a long distance. motion detection function of taking video files when only the moving objects and activities, effective and rational use of memory and power. so you can use the bathroom spy camera as follows , 1.Charge the camera. 2.Power on it with remote control and begin recording. 3.uploading the video to your PC, phone or any other device to view.

What are the advantages of a Bathroom Spy Camera?

Easy to Set-up and Use, Compact design, easy to carry;Motion-Activated Recording  - Only records when a motion is detected.Indication light off during recording,Waterproof design, bathroom and kitchen can be used; it can do secret surveillance jobs without notice and anti-bathroom and other criminal acts.Easily Watch Video Playback On Any Computer-View your recorded footage just connect the clock to your computer.

What are the disadvantages of a Bathroom Spy Camera?

The battery and sd-card is limited, so you can't recod video unlimited.
Should not be used in public place, it's not recommended.

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